About Finders Forum Inc

Finders Forum Inc. is a small privately held company headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Together with our affiliate company Finders Forum Pty. Ltd, located in Brisbane, Australia we publish a wide range of playing cards with interesting information on various themes.

Finders Forum playing cards are presently distributed in Canada, the United States, Australia, Finland, Sweden and Estonia at selected department stores, airports, hotels, book stores, pharmacies and gift shops.


Finders Forum Inc.'s predecessor designed and distributed the first fun fact playing cards in Asia in 1986. Finders Forum Inc. was formed in 2003 with a focus on enhancing the traditional game value of playing cards by adding interesting facts on the playing card surface. The key element is the information itself with the vehicle for the information being the surface of the playing cards.

Our first foray into the production of playing cards focused on country facts. In 2005 our Christmas Trivia playing cards were released and in early 2006 additional trivia and tips playing cards were made available to the public.

108 Fun Fact and Trivia Playing Cards