Australia Wildlife Double Deck Playing Cards

Australia Wildlife Double Deck Playing Cards

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Our double deck of Australian Wildlife Playing Cards features over 100 pictures of Australian wildlife with 54 Australian Mammals and 54 Other Fauna. Learn while you play. Detailed information about each mammal appears with where each lives, their habitat, the food they eat, social habits, size, features, reproductive patterns and their present status.

For instance...

The Eastern Grey Kangaroo
Location: Eastern Australia and northeast Tasmania.
Habitat: Relatively wet forested areas to inland plains.
Food: Grasses and herbs.
Size: Males grow up to 3.5m long with tail and weigh up to 70kg.
Females are half the weight.
Features: Nocturnal grazer (from late afternoon). Has hair between the upper
lip and the nostrils (other kangaroos do not).
Reproduction: One joey at a time, leaving the pouch after 10-11 months.
Status: Abundant.

Eastern, Common or Mainland Tiger Snake
Location: Southeast Australia, from South Australia to southeast Queensland.
Southwest Western Australia.
Habitat: Edges of fresh water swamps and rivers in broad range of habitats, from rainforest to sclerophyll forests.
Food: Frogs, mice, lizards, birds and fish.
Social: Solitary.
Size: Generally up to 1.5m in length.
Features: Active during the day. Generally hunts and lives on ground.
Extremely venomous. Aggressive when provoked but prefers
to flee rather than attack. Head flattens when angry, but strike
is not swift.
Reproduction: Up to 40 live young, average being 20.
Status: All Australian snakes are protected.

Our Australian Wildlife Playing Cards are a unique and interesting way to learn about all the wonderful and strange mammals that you can find Down Under. A great gift idea for younger members of the family.