Beer Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

Beer Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

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Take barley, water, hops, add yeast, let ferment and get beer! Nectar of the Gods, beer can be found in the history of every culture of man. Today you can find lagers and ales, as well as dry and ice beers, stout and malt beers, draught and light beers.

This double deck of Beer Trivia Playing Cards will provide insights into the history of beer and test your knowledge of beer trivia.

Among the cards is the fact that the introduction of Indian Pale Ale in the late 18th century was in response to the long ocean journey to India. To stabilize the beer and avoid spoilage more hops were added and the alcohol content was increased. The antiseptic properties of alcohol assured Indian expatriates their ale.

Also, in 1722, Ralph Harwood of the Bell Brewhouse, produced ale that was named Porter in honor of its main customers - all the porters who carried goods throughout London. The unique taste was derived from blending stale or sour ale, brown ale and weak ale.

So the next time you have your guests over for a couple of cold ones pop open our double deck of Beer Trivia Playing Cards and let the suds flow and the fun begin.

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