Canada Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

Canada Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

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This vast country is decidedly different from its neighbour to the south. Canada's English and French traditions and mix of migrants provides the ingredients for a thriving multicultural society. Although the second biggest country in the world next to Russia, 98% of the population lives within 100 miles from the American border.

Canadians, proud though they are of their history and their hockey, wrestle with the definition of what it is to be a Canadian. When asked they usually stress the ways in which they are different to the US.

Whatever the answer Canadians are an easy-going, friendly people who are warm to welcome visitors. Want to learn more? Look no further than our Canada Trivia Playing Cards. Let's introduce a few!

Did you know for instance that O'Canada was not proclaimed the national anthem until July 1st, 1980, 100 years after it was first sung on June 24, 1880!

Also at Reversing Falls, New Brunswick the rapids appear to reverse themselves because the strong tide rises faster than the river can empty and so the tidewater pushes the river water back upstream.

This double deck pack of Canada Trivia Playing Cards has 108 interesting facts about Canada divided evenly into interesting things to see and do in Canada and general Canadian trivia in both English and French. Famous people, events, history, geography and more - all yours to discover. A great way to educate yourself about Canada and Canadians. A great gift idea if you're planning a trip abroad or if you are expecting visitors.