Christmas Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

Christmas Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

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Christmas is a time for family gatherings and family activities. When playing your favourite card games why not use our exclusive Christmas Trivia Playing Card double deck set. Enjoy the interesting trivia. Learn how people celebrate Christmas differently around the world. Also contained within the decks of playing cards is interesting background information about Christmas songs, books and movies that are familiar to us all.

For instance...

Rudolf's original name was supposed to be Rollo, then Reginald but executives of Montgomery Ward, where author Robert May worked, did not like the name. Rollo was deemed to be too cheerful and carefree a name for a story of a misfit reindeer and Reginald was too British. Rudolf was named by the author's young four year old daughter Barbera. The story of Rudolph was written in verse as a series of rhyming couplets. May would work on the project in the office and come home and test out the themes and story lines on his daughter.

In 1897 eight year old Virginia O'Hanlon wrote to the New York Sun asking the question "Is there a Santa Claus?" The 500 word famous reply from editor Francis Church included the line, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" is one of the most widely reprinted newspaper editorials of all time. When Virginia began doubting the existence of Santa Claus she wrote to the newspaper assuming that, "If you see it in The Sun, it's so." More than a century later the editorial remains the most reprinted ever to run in any newspaper in the English language.

A great gift idea for family fun during the holidays, the many facts in our Christmas Trivia Playing Cards with Christmas Classics on one deck and Christmas Traditions on the other will surely entertain and provide many fun-filled hours of Christmas revelation.