Estonia Trivia Double Deck Playing Cards

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The Republic of Estonia borders Russia to the east and Latvia to the south. A member of the European Union since May, 2004 Estonians are ethnically related to the Finns from whom they are separated by the Gulf of Finland, an arm of the Baltic Sea. Estonia's capital...

is the port city of Tallin. Its name comes from the word Taani meaning Danish and liin meaning city as Danes founded the city in 1219. Tallinn's Old Town retains its medieval walls, turrets and spires and winding cobblestone streets with the best sites located in Toompea.

The colours of the Estonian flag represent the character of the nation. One interpretation has it that blue symbolised the hope for Estonia's future; black a reminder of the country's dark past and white the attainment of enlightenment and education as well as the winter snow, the summer nights and Estonia's numerous birch trees.

Finders Forum Estonia Trivia playing cards provides interesting trivia, facts and information in English and Estonian about this small Baltic country packed with exciting adventures and fascinating ruins that remains a relatively unknown destination to many people.